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What does the ZX Vajra contain?

ZX Vajra is formulated using 16 handpicked herbs to offer the unmatched Quality. Herbs like Shilajeet, Aswagandha, Musli, Bhasma, Shatavari, etc are used to make the ZX Vajra with Zero artificial substance or Generic Salts.

Does ZX Vajra has any side effects?

ZX Vajra has No side effects as it is prepared with 100% natural herbs.

Why ZX Vajra is a Must Try?

Every ingredient is 100% Natural in the form of herbs found in the deep and dense forest of India that are trusted since Ancient times. Our product is result oriented. We don’t believe in making false promises as the formulation was prepared to offer certain health benefits. You longer need to search for multiple products for separate problems. ZX Vajra gives multiple benefits in One pack.

How does the ZX Vajra Works?

ZX Vajra combines the perfect combination of ingredients to improve Testosterone production naturally, Energy, aid Physical performance, and overall health.

Can you get the ZX Vajra in a discreet pack and with Free Shipping?

Answer: Yes, Absolutely. We offer discreet and free shipping for best interest of our customer. 

Can a Diabetic or High BP patient consume ZX Vajra?

Yes! Absolutely ZX Vajra does not contain any generic salts or any Artificial ingredients and Only contains Ayurvedic Herbs Like Ashwagandha, Musli, Shilajeet, etc which makes any Diabetic or High BP patient free to consume it.

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