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ZX Vajra Oil | Natural Male Virility Supplement | Herbal Oil

ZX Vajra Oil | Natural Male Virility Supplement | Herbal Oil

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    How It Works Laung

    Due to its Vajikarana property, which helps to increase sexual activity, clove or Laung improves premature ejaculation. Cloves are known to increase men's sexual desire and libido, improving their overall sexual wellness.


    As an ingredient in the oil, Kapoor or Camphor is effective in treating erectile problems. It increases blood flow, which in turn improves the functioning of the affected area. Thus this natural ingredient is a blessing for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.


    Possessing powerful Sperm health enhancing properties, Akorka is extremely beneficial for curing premature ejaculation and low sperm count issues and can also treat mental stress and anxiety. Moreover, it stimulates testosterone production, increasing fertility and libido.


    Kaunch beej aids in sexual desire and helps in increasing sperm motility and count. It additionally assists with increasing the production and amount of semen. In addition, Kaunch beej improves the quality of Sperm health and reduces physiological stress.


    This natural herb boosts sexual power and libido in men. Kulanjan, as an ingredient in ZX Vajra Oil, helps to enhance sexual performance in men and makes them experience improved sexual wellness.


    Jaiphal has been proven to show healthy libido-enhancing effects resulting in intensified sexual stamina and a significant sexual booster medicine. Other than that, it can also combat anxiety and depression, improving your mental health.

    Full list of ingredients

    Kesar, Kapoor, Akorka, Nirgundi, Safed Musli, Jaiphal, Laung, Tal Patra, Kaunch, Kulanjan, Jatun Oil, Til Oil.

    Get Hold Of ZX Vajra Oil to:
    • Enhance Stamina: The application of our male stamina spray help to regulate blood flow in the Penile Tissue, resulting in Improved libido and stamina. The presence of Kaunch in the product improves stamina and energy levels, making you feel livelier.
    • Improve Mental Well-Being: Camphor in our male stamina spray has calming effects on the brain and reduces stress. If you wish to combat issues such as anxiety and nervousness, grab a bottle of ZX Vajra Oil today.
    • Combat Premature Ejaculation: Herbs like Akorka cures premature ejaculation issues in men and stimulates testosterone production, enhancing libido and quality sexual power and vigour.
    This Oil Is For You If You Want to:
    • Improve your Libido
    • Decrease your Stress Levels
    • Boosts Energy Levels
    • Promote Reproductive Functioning
    A Quick Note

    It’s Not What You Are Looking For

    If You Expect Your Stress Levels to Vanish Within A Day

    Our Ayurvedic oil is definitely effective, but it’s nothing supernatural, so you need to allow it some time to witness its effects. You will surely be satisfied with the results.

    Doctor Recommended:

    This oil is a blend of 12 Ayurvedic herbs that care for your overall physical, mental, and sexual health and well-being. If you wish to experience improved power and vigour in a simple way, this product is an excellent choice. Moreover, its stress-relieving properties are add-ons.

    ZX Vajra Oil Other Oils
    Herbal Oil Processed Oil
    Non-Prescription Might need Priscription
    Free from Artificial Ingredients Might Consist of Artificial Ingredients
    Zero Side Effects Might have Side Effects
    Effective Might not show results
    Why Choose ZX Vajra?

    Expert Consultation: Certain issues shouldn’t be ignored regarding one’s well-being. We assign you doctors who are experts in their field and give you the best advice to improve your sexual wellness and overall health and well-being.

    Authentic Supplements: Our sperm booster tablets are 100% natural and devoid of side effects. Our capsules are made up of several ayurvedic herbs that offer you several benefits and put a full stop to all your strength, endurance, and performance issues.

    Research-Backed Solutions: Our herbal testosterone booster results from intensive research conducted by experts. Our men's wellness products are backed by science since we believe everything has a science, and wellness is no exception. Our medicines offer the solution and trust that a man needs.

    Confidentiality at Peak: We understand that certain matters are also sensitive to men and that they don’t wish to disclose them in front of all. Don’t worry; the issues you’ll discuss with our doctors will remain behind the doors only. Expect 100% privacy and confidentiality from our side.

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